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Hey! Want to add on something cool for your kitchen or bathroom what is saving water? The RotateTap™ is the best add-on you can get for your home! This faucet literally boost up the water pressure for you so that you can save both effort and water while cleaning the dishes!

  • A lot of new possibilities - you can use your entire sink, fill large buckets that normally don't fit under the tap or easily wash your face and drink from the tap.

  • Save liters of water every week - special technology, this tap uses up to 35% less water, but has a water jet that is up to 60% more powerful.

  • Switch between the power and eco ray -  allows you to switch between the Power and Eco ray in a literal jiffy. The Power jet lends itself well for cleaning extremely dirty objects. Plates, cutlery and glasses are clean in no time!

  • 720° rotation - for the toughest corners and chores!
  • Save money and save the planet - a harder jet of water that saves water!
  • Two modes - eco and cleaning. Easily switch to the desired mode!
  • Easy to install - Fits on any faucet!
  • 3 Built-in filters - ensure delicious clean and fresh drinking water!

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Does the RotateTap™ fit on any faucet?

Yes, the RotateTap faucet is suitable for every type of faucet and in every room such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

How do I install the RotateTap?

To install the RotateTap, first turn off the current faucet set-up piece by piece. Then you turn the RotateTap faucet mount piece on piece on the faucet.

Can I clean the RotateTap easily?

Yes, you can simply clean the RotateTap with a cloth in combination with water, soap, anti-lime or your normal cleaning products.

Can the RotateTap rust?

No. The RotateTap is made of stainless steel and is made to last a lifetime.

Does the RotateTap have multiple positions?

Yes, the RotateTap has two positions. An eco stand with more a spray button for easy cleaning of the entire sink or washing hands.

Package includes - 1x set of the RotateTap

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