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EMS Physiotherapy Foot Massager

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 Our EMS Physiotherapy Foot Massager™ is all you need to Relieve Swelling and Tone Down Legs using Precise Electric Pulses! 

The different levels of frequency and intensity are designed to help you with faster recovery, better performance of the muscles, improve blood circulation, soothe tired feet and lower leg muscles. 

Using EMS technology, precise electric pulses are created to target the Lymphs in the leg and to facilitate better blood circulation by removing cellulite lumps on the leg and thigh area. The pulses will leave you feeling relaxed after unblocking any knots in your lymphatic system that may have caused swelling and pain. 

Made with durable silicone, our massager is easy to operate, lightweight, foldable and easy to carry. You can have your relaxing foot massage anytime and anywhere you go!

SPECIFICATIONS Size: 32.5*29.5cm Weight: 200g

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1x EMS Foot Massager Pad, 1x Main Controller, 1x User Manual


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